Words with the same or extremely similar meanings are called synonyms. You will discover synonyms for frequently used words in this collection of articles. A list of 15–20 words appears at the beginning of each article. Each word has four synonyms to go with it. The lists are organised according to word alphabetical order.

List of Synonyms

  1. Amazing Incredible Unbelievable Improbable Astonishing
  2. Anger Enrage Infuriate Arouse Nettle
  3. Ask Question Inquire Query Interrogate
  4. Awful Dreadful Terrible Abominable Unpleasant
  5. Beautiful Gorgeous Dazzling Splendid Magnificent
  6. Big Enormous Huge Immense Gigantic
  7. Brave Courageous Fearless Dauntless Intrepid
  8. Break Fracture Wreck Crash Demolish
  9. Bright Sparkling Shimmering Radiant Vivid
  10. Calm Quiet Peaceful Unruffled Tranquil
  11. Decide Determine Settle Choose Resolve
  12. Definite Certain Sure Positive Determined
  13. Delicious Savory Delectable Appetizing Luscious
  14. Describe Portray Characterize Picture Narrate
  15. Destroy Ruin Demolish Raze Slay
  16. Eager Keen Fervent Enthusiastic Involved
  17. End Stop Finish Terminate Conclude
  18. Enjoy Appreciate Delight In Be Pleased Indulge In
  19. Explain Elaborate Clarify Define Interpret
  20. Fatout Corpulent Paunchy Plump

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