5 Ways to Ensure Your Online Store is Indexed by Google

If your online store doesn’t show up in search engines, you’re missing out on customers! It’s not enough to just create an online shop; you need to market it and make sure it’s accessible to people who are looking for your products or services. This guide offers five ways to ensure your online store is indexed by Google and visible to the people who are searching for what you have to offer.

1) Check Your Site Status
Check your site’s status on Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools. This will give you a general idea of how visible your site is and whether or not you need to make any adjustments. You can also use tools like SEMrush and MOZ for more in-depth information about the keywords driving traffic to your store, the visibility of each page, and what steps you need to take next.

2) Create an XML Sitemap
An XML Sitemap is a page that lists the pages of a website. When the Sitemap page is submitted to search engines, they can index your site more easily and find all of your content.
1) Log into your Google Search Console account. 2) Click on Sitemaps in the left-hand column. 3) Click Add/Test Sitemap on the right side of the screen under Step 1: General Settings.

3) Use Keywords Effectively in Meta Titles and Descriptions
1. Make sure your company name and domain are in the meta title and description tags. If you don’t know how, read this guide for instructions on how to edit the HTML for your website’s pages.
2. Include a keyword or two in the body of your description, but try not to overstuff it with keywords like crazy or spammy sites do.

4) Validate E-mail Addresses with Double Opt-in Confirmation Page
In order to rank high in search engines, it’s important that potential customers can easily find your store. To help make sure you’re indexed for online shoppers, use a double-opt-in confirmation page when collecting email addresses from interested visitors. By doing this, you’ll be able to validate the email address and ensure that no spam or fake accounts are signed up for your mailing list.

5) Choose your Domain Carefully
The domain name you choose for your store will have a big impact on how successful your website is. If you’re choosing a domain name, try to avoid generic terms (like clothes or jewelry) that can be used by many different stores.
Select a domain name that includes the name of your company, or one that is descriptive and unique. This way, if someone types in the URL for your site, they’ll immediately know who the website belongs to.

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